"Farmer's Wife's Prayer"

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Helen DeBaker-Vorce
Helen DeBacker(DeBaker) Vorce


I milked cows for 20 years on our dairy farm.

The years of hard work during those hard early years of my life is what gave me the inspiration to write this song.

"My children carry on the legacy of farming"

God Bless them and all farmers for their hard work!






 "Farmer Wife's Prayer"

Written by: Helen DeBacker(DeBaker) Vorce

copyright 1990


Seems we just go to sleep and off goes the alarm

And it's time to get dressed and milk all those cows in the barm

It's early everyday and late every night

Somehow we keep holdin' on

And it's never easy here on the farm


Chorus: Kids almost grown and I'm feelin' old

                I thought better would come

                His face tired from worry and he's always in a hurry

               to get what he's got to do done


If I had just one wish, I'd wish God hears my prayers

And he helps all those folks that make there livin' off the land

And I'm hopein' one day, hands fold in grace and give thanks for all

the hard work that's done.

Cause it'd never easy, Here on the farm

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Helen DeBaker-Vorce

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